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Interior house painting in Calgary comes with a whole set of unique challenges. With the correct planning, it can be an easy task that pays big dividends in a beautiful home you can enjoy for years to come. The single biggest step in an interior house painting project is the preparation. At earls , we’ll take all the steps necessary to make sure your interior painting jobs are done right. Here’s what we’ll do to start getting your room ready for paint (regardless of the condition of the room):
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Remove as much of the furniture as we possibly can. Any larger items that can’t be removed easily will be moved to the center of the room and protected.

  • Put down drop cloths. No matter how careful you are, interior painting can be messy. Paint has its ways of finding those uncovered surfaces. Better safe than sorry – we’ll put down plastic drop cloths on all floor surfaces and furniture.
  • Remove all pictures, clocks, posters and other wall décor. Any holes or dings in the drywall will be filled with spackle before we start.
  • Clean the surfaces. Mild soap and a sponge works for most areas; more heavily soiled or greasy surfaces will call for a mix of trisodium phosphate to remove dirt, grease or residues.
  • Remove switchplates and outlet covers, and cover or mask around all light fixtures.
  • Mask around any trim, windows, doors, fixtures and other items that can’t be removed. We use blue painter’s masking tape for a clean edge and a minimum of residue left behind after removing the tape.
  • Caulk to fill in any gaps around windowsills, moldings or thresholds before painting the interior of your house.
  • Use the proper primer for the paint you select for the room.

Sometimes, for really difficult stains like nicotine, smoke damage, permanent marker or lipstick, two coats of primer might be necessary to thoroughly cover the damage. Two coats of paint is usually a given for most interior painting jobs.

The choice of paint for each room will ultimately be yours. We’ll help you with selecting colors and finishes, but the final call will be yours. Remember that paint products are a matter of getting what you pay for…which is why we only use premium quality paint. Get your free house painting estimate now.
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